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Our mission is to help you fly as you desire

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Yugo is a private aviation network established by aviation professionals, with a presence in Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East.


The company leverages on the Founders expertise and dedication in serving High Net Worth Individuals, Conglomerates and Multinational Companies for 18 years.

The team also leverages on a strong and solid network built through years of growth in private aviation, general aviation, commercial aviation, aviation finance as well as in the travel industry.


Overall, the founders have generated over USD 11 Billions in Revenues within the Aviation Industry and have catered to several thousands of private flights.


With a successful track-record and a vast experience of building partnerships for the benefit of its customers, the company aims to always provide meaningful curated air transportation choices.


Yugo enables the following flights: VIP, Corporate, Leisure/Family, Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuations and Cargo flights

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