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Yugo Launches Exciting New Booking Platform

At Yugo, we are incredibly excited to launch our new private jet charter booking platform this week.

It’s been a journey to get to this point, but we knew we wanted to launch the tool right and ensure you have the access to the best platform available on the market.

Through a number of years of consulting, and with our expertise in the private jet charter industry, we can proudly say that we offer the most hassle-free and intuitive online booking tool for VIP, Corporate, Leisure/Family, Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuations and Cargo flights around the globe.

We also wanted to offer a premium marriage of service and experience to reduce your time in booking essential flights, and ensure the operator’s life is made that much easier. We think we have nailed it.

What does the Yugo online flight platform offer you?

With our single point of contact online system, you are able to select routes from a fleet of sought after private jets to travel anywhere in the world. Yugo also offers a range of unique network benefits to its customers. With one point of contact, you can access a global fleet instantly.

It's a key part of our core values - to offer the freedom to enjoy exclusive experiences anywhere, anytime!

With a successful track record, our invaluable experience in the private aviation sector in Asia means we can provide seamless curated air transportation choices for discerning international travellers. We know your time is worth money, so we offer the most convenient way of getting around the globe to sign groundbreaking deals.

With our platform, the selection of routes, destinations, payments, process and confirmations are effortless.

Something we are delighted to offer is a truly customised experience. Your booking journey is unique to your demands and the region you are based in.

Some of the additional benefits of our Yugo online booking platform include:

  • Simple searches for the shortest routes to your destination with fast confirmations.

  • Choose from a range of private jet aircraft to suit your needs and travel party.

  • Utilise excellent concierge services - we will ensure you have the ideal travel experience with endless added benefits.

Our private aviation network expands throughout Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East to cater for any charter needs.

We also provide optimal 360 customer service; We take care of all of the ground handling services, baggage, check-in, customs and immigration procedures despite the ongoing challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

As flight charter management experts for business jets, we provide the finest luxury and high-end travel customisation, with itineraries tailored for travellers who need business or leisure private jet travel.

Let us take care of the details. We want you to focus only on enjoying the flight and ensuring your invaluable time can be used productively.

What business jet does Yugo offer for chartered services?

With access to aircraft globally, our Yugo online booking system can manage every jet travel need.

Our vast selection of services and chartered flight routes are perfect for business travel and family trips as well as dream holiday getaways. The entire booking cycle is looked after by our experienced full-service aftercare support.

You can select from premium fixed-wing jet aircraft including Gulfstream, Dassault Falcon, Bombardier, Cessna, Textron, Embraer and more.

Where do we offer our chartered air services?

If you can think of it, we will make it happen.

Our fleet of aircraft means you can select from a range of destinations whether it's a short-haul regional flight or an intra-regional flight, all in the comfort of tailored luxury.

Regional destinations via Yugo’s chartered fleet in Southeast Asia, and across the Asia Pacific region include:

  • Thailand

  • Vietnam

  • Maldives

  • Indonesia

  • Philippines

  • Cambodia

  • Malaysia

  • Hong Kong

  • Macau

  • China

  • Korea

  • Japan

We don’t just offer luxury transport, we are your link between unparalleled travel and top-class hospitality experiences.

Stay tuned, as we are releasing more industry breaking news shortly which expands further on our services and programs that you don’t want to miss out on.

Yugo can take you all around the globe in luxurious comfort, including to the famed Angkor Wat site in Cambodia


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