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Top 5 hot spots to see in Sanya on a Helicopter (to ditch the crowd)

Located in the southern end of Hainan Island in China, Sanya is home to Yalong Bay known for its gorgeous and upscale hotels, beautiful beaches, and turquoise water .... and its crowd. Needless to say, a helicopter is the best way to tour this paradise of islands where you can experience breathtaking views, relaxation and the thrill of water sports to your heart’s content.

In addition to relaxing in luxury hotels or sailing out to sea, you can also experience the lush islands of Sanya touring and visiting them in the comfort of your own helicopter. Check out the following islands of Sanya, and choose your own flight plan!

Phoenix Island

Sanya - Phoenix Island

This marvel of an island is entirely man-made from the land to the sand and relaxing resorts like an island in the sea full of beautiful marine-inspired architecture. The island comes with a 360 view of the surrounding seas it is connected by a single cross-sea bridge with a scenic drive. You can truly relax in peace on this isolated island looking into the endless blue seas but also feel inspired facing the prosperous commercial road of Sanya City and its magnificent skyscrapers.

West Island

Sanya - West Island

Also known as the Tortoiseshell Island, Westland is located in the Sanya Bay National reserve with a whopping 2.86 sq km of nature. The island is known for its beautiful soft beach, crystal clear waters and fresh air. It gets its name from its shape which looks like a turtle living in a tropical area.

If you’re into snorkelling or scuba diving you must come here to see the large number of beautiful coral formations surrounding the island. It is home to a vast tropical marine ecosystem and aquatic life, making it one of the best places for diving in Sanya.

Haitang Bay Coastline

Sanya - Haitang Bay Coastline

The Haitang Bay resort is located in the southern end of Hainan Island, east of Sanya and is a paradise away from the urban areas of Sanya. Rich in natural beauty, facilities for relaxation it's the place to go to kick back and relax and sip on your favourite cup of drink!

With the bay stretching 42.3km long, it is one of the most famous bays in Sanya along with Yalong Bay, Dahonghai, and Yahzhou Bay of Sanya. If you’re into hiking or mountainous scenes, the northwest area is mostly mountains whilst the southeast border is perfect for seaside lovers with coastal plains and flat rivers.

Wuzhizhou Island

Sanya - Wuzhizhou Island

Also known as the “Maldives of China”, Wuzhizhou island is a gorgeous butterfly-shaped island where it is home to more than 2000 rare plants and trees making it an ideal place for nature lovers and enthusiasts. Most visitors and divers come for its quality nature attractions and crystal clear water.

However, if you’re looking to sit back and relax, no problem! It sits about 30km away from Sanya city and 38km away from Phoenix airport, which means you can truly sit back, relax, enjoy nature and get a nice tan in peace.

Make sure you snap an aerial view when you fly over Wuzhizhou Island, to capture its distinguishing shape which looks like a butterfly relaxing in the sea!


Sanya - Nanshan Guanyin

About 40 km southwest of Sanya City, you can find a massive display of traditional Chinese Buddhist Culture in Nanshan. What’s more, is that it ranks first in air and seawater in the country. Imagine flying in the clear blue sky and sea through jade coloured waters!

The main attractions in Nanshan are the Nanshan Temple, giant Guanyin on the sea, Buddhist Scenic Garden, Shifang Tower and Guigen Garden. Needless to say this showcase of Buddhist culture is a must-see for cultural enthusiasts!


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