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Take quarantine to the next level: fly to private islands with a helicopter

The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting the world , and the number of cases does not seem to be going down anytime soon. A lot of celebrities and officials are in tycoon-style self-quarantine, and while the superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo takes it to the next level: staying in a private island with his family.

If you think this is unattainable - you’re wrong. Island escapes are more affordable than you can imagine. We have hand-picked 5 private islands for your next vacation.


Bawah Reserve, Anambas Islands

Bawah Reserve is a sprawling 6-island resort that can only accommodate up to 70 guests. The island offers a guest-only clubhouse with private dining rooms, saltwater infinity pool, spa and private beach. Each villa has a dedicated butler to satisfy guests’ every need. Since Bawah Reserve welcomed its first guest in 2017, environmental advocates have given high praises to the Indonesian resort for its effort in sustainable development.


Amanwana has redefined “glamping” - with 20 tents set up in secluded locations, guests can choose to stay in a rainforest setting, or on the white sand beach by the shore. All safari-style tents offer an abundance of 21st-century comforts in the wild.

Amanwana is the only resort operating in the protected nature and marine reserves of Moyo Island. Located in the east of Bali, the 350-square-kilometer Moyo Island is surrounded by turquoise waters and untouched coral reefs, making it one of the world’s best destinations for PADI certified professional divers and snorkelers.


Banwa Private Island, Palawan Islands

Banwa Private Island is a small 6-hectare private island, with only 6 villas for 48 guests. Well-appointed with a private infinity pool and hot tub deck, the resort offers tailored experiences, from private Pilates lessons to farm-to-table organic cuisines.

Banwa’s relatively untouched nature is the gem amongst all it has to offer. Its perfect location in the Palawan Islands makes Banwa the last paradise, with pristine beaches and breath-taking ocean views.


Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa Private Island Resort consists of 24 villas, of which guests can take their pick from luxury water villas, tropical rainforest villas and beach villas. All villas are built of sustainable materials, echoing the resort’s vision to offer an eco-friendly stay experience, getting up close with the ocean, the rainforest, and local culture.


Myanmar Andaman Resort, Macleod Island

Macleod island is a rare gem tucked away in the Mergui Archipelago. Due to its special geographical location, the island is kept away from modern civilisation, and remains as the most original form of nature. It’s also one of the only two private islands in Myanmar.

Myanmar Andaman Resort boasts 22 apartments. From there, guests can appreciate the local fauna and flora thriving in their own ways. As the perfect diving spot, Macleod island naturally has soft white sand beaches, clear blue waters, and colourful marine creatures.


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