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Raise your yoga game with heli-yoga - SouthEast Asian Edition

Before you question the feasibility of "heli-yoga", hear us out - it's NOT about practicing yoga on a helicopter, nor does it mean jumping off a helicopter in yoga position (that would be too extreme isn't it?). Heli-yoga is a new trend set by Reid Helicopters and Kokoro Studio in New Zealand, where guests are taken by helicopter to secluded places to practice yoga.

Heli-yoga experience
Image Credit: Delicious.Travel

In the 2-hour adventure hosted by the helicopter operator and yoga studio in New Zealand, guests will first be taken to Kahurangi National Park in Nelson by helicopter. Guests will meet their yoga instructor of the day there for a series of mindful stretches.

After the warm-up, guests will then fly to the South Island’s north-west coastline and land on a private beach for a holistic - and genuinely private - yoga session. Just as you feel your mind fulfilled but stomach empty, don't worry, the experience also includes a gourmet picnic lunch on the beach to help you truly regain momentum.

How about adapting heli-yoga experience in the SouthEast Asian context?

Most people put an equal sign to India and yoga - not Yugo.

To many's surprise, Cambodia serves as an excellent playground for yoga practitioners, from its story-rich history and culture, to the diverse terrain and vast wildlife.

We would start the day in Phnom Penh, the historic capital of Cambodia, where guests would board our Airbus H125 or Airbus AS350 B3+ helicopter for a comfortable flight to Phnom Aural.

Phnom Aural in Cambodia
Image Credit: IndoChina Charm Travel

Only known to passionate trekkers, Phnom Aural (1,831m) is the summit of the Cardamom Mountain Ranges. It is part of the Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary, and also home to Cambodia's endemic bird Cambodian Laughingthrush. There, guests would practice mindfulness through guided meditation, and ease into yoga with simple stretching exercises, inhaling the fresh air from the evergreen Aural forest, and exhaling the burden and anxiety from city life.

We would then take off to one of the many beaches Cambodia has to offer. Perched in the Gulf of Thailand, Cambodia has hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches. And if guests would like to go extra miles for the heli-yoga experience, Cambodia also boasts dozens of outlying islands for a truly secluded retreat.

Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) in Cambodia
Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) in Cambodia

Worth noting is the hidden gem Koh Tonsay island, also known as the Rabbit Island. Fringed with palm trees and speckled with hammocks on the shoreline, Koh Tonsay is the perfect backdrop for your yoga practice of the day.

Unlike other islands in Cambodia, Koh Tonsay isn't "blessed" with foreign investment, tourists or parties, making it a tranquil paradise for those who're looking to restore balance. If you like, you could also take advantage of the warm, gentle waters and take a dip - ending the heli-yoga experience on a high note with sea, land and air covered.

How do you like our proposed heli-yoga itinerary? And how would you do it differently?

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