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Once you fly with a private helicopter, you can never go back

Imagine having a private helicopter all to yourself. Whether it’s going on a leisure trip with your family, or a business trip with your colleagues, it’s an unparalleled experience to just sit back and watch the clouds sliding by from the windows - with zero disruptions from take off to landing.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. The world’s impression on helicopters mostly circles around TV drama, tycoons, and proposals. More often than not, it’s considered unapproachable and unattainable. However, the concept of helicopter rides is about to change, as China releases The Advice Of Deepening The Reform Of China's Low-altitude Airspace, determined to revolutionaries the low-altitude airspace. 

As transportation technology advances, the world is embracing the fastest mode of transportation. Demand for private helicopters has surged under the pandemic, demonstrating a growing desire for more innovative ways to travel, after the launch of High Speed Rail.

Would private helicopters ever become the new normal?

The rapid economic growth in recent years has made automobiles widely available in China. The downside of this is that the rising number of cars causes serious traffic problems in most cities. The most prominent example would be the massive traffic during festive seasons when hundreds of millions of people are on the move. It is necessary to develop a faster and more efficient mode of transportation.

Private helicopters come in handy - it is arguably the most efficient way of travel, wasting no time on frustrating waits and reaching the destination at a much faster speed. Helicopter is also a more flexible alternative, having the capability of flying low-altitude (several meters from ground), hovering (maintaining a constant position over the ground) and keeping the same direction during the flight.

Apart from convenience and efficiency, we have concluded 8 advantages of traveling in a private helicopter:

  • Gourmet dining in the sky

From fine dining to your favourite snacks, the catering service of private helicopters can be fully customized based on you and your travel companions’ preferences.

  • Always within your reach

You can choose to depart at non-peak hours to avoid road traffic, and land at a private helicopter landing pit that’s closest to your final destination.

  • No time wasted on waiting

If you fly with private helicopters, you’ll be using their private terminals, meaning you’ll skip all queues and crowds, and seamlessly navigate your way through to the boarding gate without coming in contact with strangers - which is crucial when social distancing is the new norm.

  • Travel with your pets - comfortably

Commercial airlines see your pets as cargos - not to mention the tedious paperworks and the unreasonable surcharges. Private helicopters allow your pets to comfortably sit next to you, making the journey stress-free for you and your furry friends.

  • You get to choose your preferred aircraft types

Do you fancy classic or contemporary interiors? YUGO offers a wide range of helicopters for you to choose, and to ensure your comfort.

  • Flights tailored to your schedule

Commercial airlines plan their flight schedules way ahead of the actual flights, and such schedules are often disrupted due to operational changes. Traveling with private helicopters can avoid all these frustrations, and you can book your flights according to your personal needs, rather than following the airlines’ business plans.

  • Highest level of privacy

You can feel free to host confidential meetings and get work done without disruption when you are in a private flight. You can spend quality time with family and friends in a more relaxing environment, and you can select your cabin crew based on your preference to make your journey even better.

  • Exclusive passenger lounges

Going through time-consuming security check and immigration procedures is inevitable - even when you’re flying First Class. If you fly with a private helicopter, you can go straight to the heliport, relax at the exclusive passenger lounge, and prepare yourself for the comfortable journey or simply wait for your travel companions.

Flying with private helicopters will certainly give you a different kind of surprise and experience. Embrace the new normal, and book your flight today!


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