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The New Way To Travel During Pandemic: Private Helicopters

A global pandemic is something the travel industry could never foresee when stepping into 2020, and it's hit the industry tremendously. Travelling will never be the same again. While no one really knows when COVID would come to an end, the travel industry is getting ready to forgo the old ways and adapt in the post-pandemic era.

While avid travelers long to travel and explore the world, it’s unsurprising that they’d be highly concerned with hygiene due to the pandemic. And this is precisely where helicopter charters come in.

Unlike mainstream transportations, private helicopters have a much smaller passenger capacity and better ventilation facilities, making it a top choice for those who travel during the pandemic. Reports highlight the risk of exposure to bacterias and viruses in closed or crowded settings like ships, trains, and buses. For instance, the Diamond Princess cruise ship's outbreak showed that close confines caused the virus to spread in haywire. Traveling with private helicopters can indeed give travelers a peace of mind during the time of the pandemic.

Getting to far-flung yet unusual destinations via private helicopters is an ultra-exclusive experience. Not only does it provide the flexibility of point to point travel, but its top-knotch facilities also offer the most pleasurable journey. The cabin itself is like a luxurious suite in the sky, adorned with leather reclining swivel chairs and top-quality sound systems to provide the utmost comfort to travelers.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to truly get away from it all in the face of a pandemic, but you can get to off-the-beaten-track destinations easily with private helicopters. Whether it’s a lush tropical hideaway in the Caribbean Ocean, a secluded golf resort off the coast, or a 5-star hotel in the heart of a vibrant city, it’s so much easier to access these destinations with private helicopters. The best part is that you get to personalize your travel experience to have the best time!

Nobody likes to waste time waiting in line or deal with flight delays. Private helicopter rental offers the additional benefit of access to private terminals for faster security check-ins, making your travel experience a breeze. Meanwhile, they also handle all aspects of your custom tour, including taking you on an adventure full of the best tourist hotspots and hidden gems only locals would know, so you could relax and enjoy every moment on your trip.

While the pandemic seems to be staying for a while, as restless travelers we’re all for traveling with private helicopters to reach our next destination!


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