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Navigating The Philippines by Helicopter

A stunning chain of tropical islands, The Philippines is an archipelago that comprises more than 7,640 idyllic beach-fringed islands waiting to be explored.

Dotting the Pacific Ocean, The Philippines really does have it all, from deserted powder white sands and dense jungle, to bustling cosmopolitan cities, historic sites and mountains – all perfect to be discovered from above by hiring a helicopter in The Philippines.

With each island boasting its own unique traits, an island-hopping adventure awaits. Several flights connect the main islands, with ferries linking sister spots. While these modes of transport tend to be the most popular with travelers, air travel is limited and still involves lengthy waits in airports, and cruising the waters is time-consuming.

This has led to heli-tourism taking off in The Philippines as more travelers opt to skip the airport queues or choppy waters and fly sky-high instead. Whether for business or pleasure, travelling by helicopter in The Philippines is a fun, convenient and memorable way to get from one spot to the other, set off on some sight-seeing, or inject something special into a getaway.

Enjoy the Tropical Islands Life

There’s no shortage of pristine stretches of sand studded with swaying palms throughout The Philippines. From the natural wonders of Bohol to the powder white sands of Boracay, a beach is never far away.

The idyllic island of Boracay is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Charter a helicopter in The Philippines and fly to the island to spend the day soaking up the sun and cooling off in delightful turquoise waters.

Alternatively, indulge in private island paradise and hire a helicopter to exclusive Balesin Island Club. The stunning 500-hectare island is home to stunning beaches, a main clubhouse, state-of-the-art wellness center, stables and seven villages featuring quaint themed villas.

Take a Walk in the Nature

The Philippines is home to a bounty of breath-taking natural beauty. From sprawling rice terraces, deserted islands and coral reefs, to vast mountain ranges, active volcanoes and striking crater lakes.

Home to more than 20 active volcanoes, a helicopter is undoubtedly the best way to soak them up from the sky. Enjoy impressive aerial views hovering above the mouth of Mount Pinatubo and its stunning turquoise crater lake. Or fly above the world’s smallest active volcano, Taal.

Alternatively, organize an unforgettable journey flying above Banaue rice terraces. Viewing the majestic mass of terraces that hug the hill slopes is best from above, with the chance to land and explore the UNESCO World Heritage site by foot. Or lap up rolling views of Bohol’s fairy tale 1,776 Chocolate Hills below.

Master the History

The Philippines is peppered with history, making it a must-visit destination for travelers interested in taking a step back in time. The former Spanish colony is peppered with historic sites, ancient cathedrals and a rich history and culture.

A great spot to soak up the country’s culture is at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, which aims to transport visitors back to Old Manila’s glory days. Enjoy the classic architecture, vast landscapes and network of waterways from the sky, before landing to explore the cobblestone roads by foot.

Visitors to Manila can press pause on the vibrant capital’s chaos and fly above its piercing high-rises to enjoy calming vistas of historic Manila Bay. Or fly to Corregidor Island, famed for its World War II history, by helicopter and enjoy lunch before exploring the island’s war relics.


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