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Island-hopping in The Philippines by Helicopter

Home to more than 7,100 islands, The Philippines boasts an incredible chain of tropical islands waiting to be discovered. And each boasts its own personality, landmarks and customs, making island-hopping popular among visitors.

While there are many flights and ferries connecting the islands, helicopter is becoming an increasingly popular way to explore the islands in comfort. Here are some of The Philippines’ must-visit spots, with helicopter providing the perfect way to get from one to the other in style.

Kitesurf in Boracay

Boracay is open again for business, and it’s cleaned up its act. The small island in the central Philippines made major headlines when it closed its doors to visitors for six months in 2018. Famed for its palm-fringed beaches dotted with resorts, the island became a victim of its own success with the huge number of visitors impacting the environment.

Today, it has returned to its former tropical island paradise, with a daily cap placed on visitors. The west coast’s White Beach is popular with visitors wanting to relax on the 4km stretch of powder white sand. Strong winds on the east coast make Bulabog Beach a prime spot for kite surfing, or to steer clear of the crowds, Puka Shell beach in the north is quieter.

Hike in Palaui Island

This postcard-perfect paradise is home to deserted beaches, thundering waterfalls, sprawling rice fields and plenty of nature. Nestled on the northeastern tip of Luzon Island, picturesque Palaui forms part of a national marine reserve and is home to a bounty of breath-taking natural beauty. A total of 70 percent of the island is covered by forest home to a wealth of wildlife.

Relax on the many powder white beaches. Alternatively, discover the island by foot, hiking through lush paddies and along tracks that snake through jungle. Nature lovers will be in their element with a jungle trek the perfect way to meet Palaui’s residents.

Snorkel in Cebu Island

It’s easy to see why Cebu is popular with tourists. Home to serene stretches of sand, waterfalls and heaps of nature, there’s no shortage of activities to keep visitors entertained. The island is surrounded by waters teeming with marine life – perfect for snorkeling and diving.

In the south sits striking Tumalog Falls, a five-story waterfall that thunders into a clear pool of water. From stunning Oslob Beach, visitors can organize tours to swim alongside wild whale sharks.

Dive in Coron

The stunning utopia of Coron forms part of Palawan but deserves an entry all to itself. Unspoilt and spilling over with natural beauty, this magical spot is home to rolling hills, stunning shores and heaps of enchanting spots. It is also home to six shipwrecks that can be explored diving.

The remote island is tricky to get to and involves either a five-hour ferry from El Nido or flight from Manilla. This makes helicopter the perfect mode of transport, while soaking up bird’s eye views of the island’s incredible beauty.

Explore Palawan

This archipelago boasts an abundance of stunning spots. Its vibrant capital, Puerto Princesa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with El Nido and its stunning shores sitting to the north, and Brooke’s Point to the south. Here, visitors can refresh at Bakbakan Falls and take a soothing dip at Mainit Hot Springs.

The vibrant underwater world is at its finest out in the Sulu Sea, with Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park teeming with marine life. The main island of Palawan is also home to the world’s longest navigable underground river, Cabayugan River.

Remember Corregidor

Take a step back in time with a visit to the small island of Corregidor. Its strategic position at the mouth of Manila Bay led to it becoming a battle ground between American and Filipino troops fought against the Japanese during World War II.

The island is home to a fortress, with guided tours available to see war relics that include gun batteries, Mile Long Barracks, the Pacific War Memorial and Malinta Tunnel. It is also home to a vast variety of wildlife, making it a top twitcher spot.

Discover Wildlife in Bohol

Famed for its majestic 1,200 Chocolate Hills, Bohol is another island over-flowing with natural beauty and home to the world’s smallest primate, the tarsier. Blessed with a striking coastline, rugged jungle, meandering waterways and magical scenery, Bohol is becoming increasingly popular with tourists wanting to unwind in nature.

Hidden nature spots include secret waterfalls and fishermen-only rivers, with small towns home to colorful handicraft markets, seafood spots and historic churches.


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