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Indonesia's Volcanoes: Views from Above

Indonesia is home to more than 17,000 islands and a spectacular smattering of active volcanoes. Hire a helicopter and soak up the best breath-taking views from the sky.

Many Indonesian islands are dominated by piercing volcanic mountains that rise from the earth. A highlight for many visitors is hiking to the peak to stare into the mouth of these active volcanoes.

However, those tight on time or lacking the desire to spend hours – sometimes days – tackling winding trails that skirt up mountain slopes need not miss out. Instead, add the wow factor to volcano viewing and hire a helicopter in Indonesia and get on a high in the sky.

Sunrise at Mount Batur

Sunrise at Mount Batur is one of the most sought-after experiences in Bali. Daily ahead of dawn, thousands of visitors pack the hiking trails to Batur’s 1,717-meter peak to enjoy watching the sun push through the horizon behind surrounding spectacular peaks. Skip the 3-hour trek and the crowds, and soak up striking bird’s eye views of the impressive volcanic crater and picturesque double caldera from the comfort of a helicopter.

Sacred Mount Agung

Standing as Bali’s highest point, Mount Agung’s peak teeters at 3,031 metres above sea level and is one of the popular island’s most sacred sites. At the foot of the volcano sits Bali’s largest temple complex, Besakih, which looks spectacular from above. Book a helicopter and climb high into the sky to circle this incredible volcano.

Explore Mount Rinjani

Indonesia’s second highest volcano looms over the idyllic island of Lombok. It takes an arduous three- to four-day trek to reach its 3,726-meter peak. While this is rewarded with simply spectacular views that take in the gorgeous Segara Anak crater lake and sweeping vistas of the island and beyond, the journey there and back isn’t for everyone. Instead, hover at a height in a helicopter and enjoy magnificent views sprawling below.

Beautiful Mount Bromo

This impressive active volcano in East Java attracts scores of visitors daily wanting to mount its 2,329-meter peak. Skip the crowds and instead enjoy a thrilling helicopter tour lapping up unprecedented aerial views of Bromo’s bounty of breath-taking beauty, which includes its blown-off top, surrounding peaks and waterfalls that dot its base.

Majestic Ijen Crater

Chase Ijen Crater’s majestic blue flames from above. The mysterious blue flames found at Mount Ijen’s caldera is a rare natural phenomenon that has piqued the interest of visitors for decades. A truly special experience is hovering in the sky and watching the flames ignite from the tranquil turquoise waters from above.

Mount Kelimutu’s Coloured Lakes

Famed for its striking tri-colored lakes perched at its summit, Mount Kelimutu is one of Flores’ main attractions. At its peak sits three incredible lakes that differ in color, and are undoubtedly best enjoyed from the sky. Hire a helicopter and stare into Mount Kelimutu’s mouth and breath-taking bodies of water that vary from black to startling turquoise.


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