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Here are the must-see islands and beaches to experience helicopter island hopping in China

And why island hoping is best done with a helicopter.

Why you should island-hop by helicopter

Island hopping is simply traveling between islands all in one trip, from island A to island B, then onto island C or more! Typically this is done by hiring a boat which is traditionally the most accessible, but this can be quite consuming and you may still have to hike to your destination.

Helicopters, on the other hand, can get you closer to your destination on the island, save time, and it comes with the best views! This means more time to spend on each island, or visiting more islands within the same day. This is also a great way to explore islands for those who are prone to seasickness. Not to mention, the aerial views you get from a helicopter gives you a full view of the entire sea, island and the birds-eye view and stunning photo-ops that will make your friends jealous! With all these benefits, the best way to do island hopping is with helicopters.

There are so many gorgeous islands surrounding the China sea such as Shengsi Island, Shengshan and Gouqi Island, the Flower and Bird Island, and Donji Island.

Shengsi Islands (Sijiao Mountain)

Shengsi Islands (Sijiao Mountain)

The Sijiao Scenic Area is made up of the main island of Sijao, Huanglong Island, Majishan and surrounding islands, as well the enclaves of Baijie Mountain and Banbian Mountain. This gorgeous area is characterised by long stretches of golden sand. Si Jiao is one of the only places home to so many high quality beaches -14 beaches to be exact!

The most famous are the Jihu and Nanchangtu beach, home to rare large-scale sea and sand baths in China. These are ideal spots for discreet sunbathing, relaxing and for open water activities!

Shengshan Island and Gouqi Island

Shengshan Island

Shengshan and Gouqi Island are two islands connected by a bridge. This eastern island of the Shengsi Islands is known for its vast beach, mountain scenery and it’s gorgeous shores. The main attraction of ShengShan Island are the naturally formed cliffs of the East Cliff, its uninhabited village and the Xiyang bay.

Gouqi Island

Known as “Little Greece of China”, Gouqi Island is located in the eastern parts of the Shengsi Islands, the second largest island in the area right after Si Jiao. Residing close to Zhoushan and Shanghai, it is home to the wolfberry beach on the eastern end of the island. There are several gorgeous scenic spots such as Xiaoxitian Mountain, Sea wonders monument, Tiger Stone, the Jiao Long delta, and much more!

The Shengshan fishing grounds comes with an endless view of the blue sea and sky, with ten thousand boats going out and returning to the port in the morning and sunset. Each morning and night, offering sightings of fishing boats, which looks like a floating forest on the sea.

Flower and Bird Island

Located in the northernmost part of Shengsi Islands in Zhoushan city, Zhejian Province, is the Flower and Bird Island. The island's name comes from it’s seagull-like shape, as well as the abundance of vibrant flowers, grass, and lush forests.

It is also known for the clouds and mists that come and go throughout the year giving it a mystic aura to the island. The main attractions of the island is the Flower and Bird lighthouse, the fluorescent sea and bergamot stone found on the island

The famous lighthouse was built in 1870, which is still considered the second tallest lighthouse in Asia at 17 meters in height! The Flower and Bird Lighthouse has been illuminating the sea for passing ships for over one hundred years.

Dongji Island

Dongji Island was made popular in China from the movie “The Continent” (Hou Hui Wu Qi) which was filmed on the island capturing its calm small town seaside scenic surroundings. In Fact the name of the island was adopted from the novel-inspired movie, as it became so popular amongst the masses.

Dongji Town is surrounded by 28 islands and 108 diversified reef formations scattered in the East China sea. This entire area is commonly referred to as the Dongji Archipelago. Known for its tranquility, there aren’t many people or noisy crowds in the city, and with no commercialised streets, it has become a place where visitors come to enjoy the vast oceanic sea views and sounds of the ocean.

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