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Falcon 10X - The Best is Yet To Come With This Ultra-Long Range Private Jet

Dassault Aviation launched their highly anticipated Falcon 10X on May 6, 2021, utilising technology and an augmented reality rendering of the new private business jet to a global audience. Based on what we know so far, the best is yet to come from the French aviation behemoth.

The virtual unveiling of the Falcon 10X was hosted by Miles O’Brien from the Dassault Aviation base at Paris Le-Bourget. Among the guests to discuss the showpiece jet were Eric Trappier, Chairman & CEO, Dassault Aviation, Carlos Brana, Senior Executive VP, Civil Aircraft, along with Dassault pilots and other senior executives.

The unveiling was also launched to celebrate 60 years since the first Falcon launched and by all accounts, it is set to exceed expectations.

Photo © Dassault Aviation - The long-haul private jet is expected to be in servive by 2025

How far can the Falcon 10X take you?

The Dassault Falcon 10X is aiming to travel great distances and offer premium comfort while embracing a host of digital technological improvements and supreme flexibility.

The jet aircraft is set to have a range of 7500 miles (over 13.500 KM) and was designed based on customer feedback, said Dassault, and they are delivering on providing an ultra-long-range aircraft. The 10X will also be able to cruise at maximum speeds of Mach .925.

For example, this means the 10X can cover flights from Hong Kong to destinations as far away as North America, throughout Africa, Europe, and of course Asia. The aviation marvel will be able to endure 15 hours’ flying time but passengers will enjoy a seamless and comfortable journey.

One of the hallmarks of Falcon aircraft is to enable passengers to reach smaller airports and get closer to their final destination, this flexibility remains with the 10X. The aircraft’s designs such as the efficient wings and use of carbon fibre (and using the same expertise that designed the Dassault Rafale fighter jet) are utilised in developing the Falcon 10X.

The partnership with Rolls Royce to design and deliver the Rolls Royce Pearl® 10X Series engines are groundbreaking too. Utilising a combustor that is 3D printed for efficiency, the engines provide increased performance and run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel.

“Quiet, efficient and respectful of the environment, it’s fine-tuned to meet the performance demands of the large, ultra-fast, ultra-widebody Falcon”

Falcon 10X luxury private jet travel
Photo © Dassault Aviation - The Falcon 10X offer luxurious cabin interior designs

Passengers Come First on the Falcon 10X

Dassault said it wanted to “redefine the flying experience for passengers and pilots”.

The larger cabin on the Falcon 10X provides added comfort and options for the passengers, as the cross-section is longer and open to personal configurations and customisations. The proposed images and videos of the design look spectacular.

“The 10X cabin is 6-feet, 8-inches (2.03 m) tall and 9 feet, 1 inch wide (2.77 cm). It is almost 8 inches (20 cm) wider and 2 inches (5 cm) taller than the widest and tallest purpose-built business jet flying today”, says Dassault.

The modular designs of the Falcon 10 X cabin mean that it can be organised to suit the passengers’ needs and designed to reduce passenger fatigue.

An expanded dining/conference area or a dedicated entertainment area with a large-screen monitor, are just some of the options. If restfulness is high on the agenda, a private stateroom with a fixed queen-size bed (with plenty of room around it) or even a master suite with a private stand-up shower are all on the cards.

The kitchen setup includes high-end countertops in a well-lit space that also offers chillers and an oven to provide an array of dining options for the in-flight journeys.

Dassault wants the goal for passengers to arrive refreshed and relaxed at their destination, and offer a beautiful experience with an award-winning design team infusing genuine French touches to create a beautiful flying experience.

The sensory design approach makes for an optimal experience. The 38 large windows mean light is also evenly distributed within the cabin while the environmental control system ensures a healthy flying experience.

By embracing technologies, passengers are able to control a selection of options at the touch of a button via an app, including light dimming and electronic device control. Added in are state of the art high-speed connectivity for seamless working and entertainment needs.

Dassault Falcon 10X
Photo © Dassault Aviation - The Dassault Falcon 10X provides modular cabin options

The Future of Private Aviation

Eric Trappier was bullish and confident about the growing future of private jet aviation, even post-pandemic. The CEO sees business aviation as a solution to support the global economy and that corporate business executives and VIPs increasingly need to travel in a safe way and save time which can be done with private aviation - it is the answer and will grow in coming years, he said.

On the back of releasing the Falcon 6X earlier in late 2020, Dassault expects civil aviation to be even more successful in the future and it is heavily invested in its innovation and development.

Dassault expects the 10X to be the top business jet worldwide and it still honours the tradition of the Dassault family and the spirit of the family lives through their newest aircraft.

Based on what we have seen so far, the Falcon 10X is next-generation and delivering on the hype, paving the way for the best private air mobility yet to come.

The Falcon 10X is due to enter service at the end of 2025.


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