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Best Helicopter Experiences in Fiji

Fiji and its vast number of tropical islands sit high on many intrepid travellers must-visit lists. The South Pacific getaway offers magical palm-lined beach weddings, explore the jungles and Fihi is an amazing place to go white-water rafting, trekking up volcanic hills.

Fiji is also known as the 'Soft Coral Capital of the World', with 333 islands and atolls, island hopping and venturing offshore on luxury yachts to relax on turquoise waters while navigating the Fijian archipelago is a perfect getaway.

Luxurious private islands, spas, and resorts are also easily within reach. Flying between the many islands is an excellent efficient way to cram in as much as possible in this pacific paradise.

We look at some of the best helicopter experiences, so say Bula to beautiful Fiji - your ultimate holiday destination.

Why fly by a helicopter charter in Fiji?

Taking to the skies on a charter helicopter in Fiji just makes sense. Journeys by road and by boat, with the addition of the famous “Fiji Time” means you could be travelling for ages when all you want to do is settle into holiday mode at a luxurious resort.

International flights arrive at Nadi International Airport, and a pre-arranged charter by helicopter means you are instantly given stunning aerial views of the coral reefs and daunting inland mountains before a short journey to the island and resort of your choosing.

Eurocopter AS355 Charter Yugo
Enjoy travelling on a Eurocopter AS355 and transfer to Yasawa Island in Fiji

Eurocopter AS355 Transfer to Yasawa Island

Yugo in 2021 announced a brand new partnership with the Navutu Stars Resort in the Yasawa Islands. We invite you to escape with one of our private helicopters to explore the beauty of this Fijian paradise and be pampered at a five-star resort.

With our Eurocopter AS355 Twin Squirrel, fly to the beautiful shores of Yasawa Island by located off the southern coast of Fiji to the Navutu Stars Resort which is voted among the Sexiest Resorts in the World and defined by Vogue America as “Rustic Chic”!

The private flight from Nadi Airport to Yasawa Island takes approximately one hour and remember that Navutu Stars is a secluded adults-only getaway.

The AS355 has an excellent range and comfortable seating for up to six passengers. We ensure a quiet, smooth ride, with 180-degree views and a spacious cabin so you enjoy your special private flight experience over the beautiful islands, enjoying a spectacular tour with breathtaking views over picturesque seas and tropical islands.

The combination of the AS355 and Yugo are the perfect choice for executive and high-end helicopter flying charter experiences in Fiji.

Yugo's concierge team can handle all the booking requirements and assist you during your stay at the resort in Yasawa. And take advantage of pampering massages, yoga and dinner on the pristine beach!

And if you happen to be visiting Siem Reap in Cambodia you can enjoy Navutu Dreams!

Charter a Robinson R44 helicopter
Fly to Yasawa Island on a chartered Robinson R44

Fly to Yasawa Island on a Robinson R44

You can also fly to the beautiful shores of Yasawa Island by the Robinson R44, a helicopter that is perfect for a smaller group of up to three people.

The iconic helicopter is the world's best-selling general aviation (GA) helicopter and the most-produced GA aircraft of the 21st century but it still provides style and an exciting flying experience. Our world-class scenic flights and private charters to Yawawa is the ideal way to get your island holiday underway.

The Yasawa Group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands with an approximate total area of 135 square kilometres so there is a diverse range of terrain to see, but as its one of the outer island chains in Fiji, options to get to the Yasawa Islands are a bit more limited so helicopters are a luxurious and excellent way to reach the resorts.

The spacious open cabin and scenic Helicopter is able to fly for 3 hours and can actually reach most of the 333 islands of Fiji on a single trip. At the resort, you will relax at one of only ten spacious and high-end but comfortable bures (Fijian for a wood-and-straw hut or cabin) - on the sandy doorstep of the white sandy beach, and surrounded by private tropical gardens.

The private flight from Nadi Airport to Yasawa Island and the Navutu Stars Resort takes approximately one hour.

There are many charter helicopter tours in beautiful Fiji - reach remote islands & enjoy spectacular views

Fiji Helicopter Tours

There are some wonderful private helicopter tours to take around Fiji to explore the scenic islands.

Mamanuca Helicopter Tour

Go for a mini-adventure aboard the AS355 helicopter and head over the Mamanuca group of islands for a 40-minutes flight with up to three people. The Meme perfect waters, sandy beaches and palm trees are a delight and the tour takes you over the island of Monuriki - made famous by the Hollywood movie "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks.

Mountain Mystery Helicopter Tour

If you want to explore the peaks of Fiji, board our private helicopter and head out towards the north coast and the rugged peaks of the central ranges of Fiji.

Beautiful cascading waterfalls, lush valleys and rainforests, mountain villages and a bird’s-eye view of the famous Garden of the Sleeping Giant - home to more than 2,000 varieties of orchids!

The 40 minutes trip is enjoyed on the Eurocopter AS355 Twin Squirrel.

Relax one of Fiji's stunning pristine islands by helicopter

Viti Levu Wings Helicopter Tour

Fiji’s main island Viti Levu is best seen with a longer four-hour helicopter flight experience.

Viti Levu is the largest island in Fiji and is home to 70% of the population (about 600,000 people).

With stops for exquisite refreshments, you can stretch your legs at Pacific Harbour before circumnavigating the island experiencing the sights such as the tropical islands, the Coral Coast and Beqa - a cross-section of the many microclimates and diverse landscape of Fiji.

The helicopter experience is suitable for up to three people.

Let us know if you want to customise a flight or add a special moment such as a romantic touch or take care of any additional dining or bubbly from the skies.

Get in touch with our team for the best helicopter experiences in Fiji and let us provide the most memorable trip of your life!


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