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48 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia’s cosmopolitan capital is where new and old collide. The melting pot of cultures is home to a wealth of attractions that are waiting to be explored. The best way to cap 48 hours in Kuala Lumpur? Hiring a helicopter and viewing the sprawling city from above.

Day 1: Morning

The only way to start the day is with nasi goreng (fried rice with meat and vegetables) and an iced coffee at one of the many street-side eateries that dot the capital. After fuelling for the day, soak up the country’s rich history at the National Museum. Take a step back in time to the Orang Asli – Malaysia’s aboriginals – the origins of the Malay state and how centuries of colonialism have shaped the country to what it is today.

Day 1: Afternoon

Excite the senses with a trip to colourful Little India Brickfields. Spend the afternoon strolling through the vibrant streets peppered with Indian restaurants and stores spilling over with everything from flower garlands, aromatic spices, Bollywood music, and a range of delicious local delicacies. The main street, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, is packed full of shops flogging jewellery, traditional clothes, banana leaf restaurants and henna tattoo spots. A large fountain sits at its centre, with the near-by three-storey Indian Bazaar a great spot to snap up souvenirs.

Day 1: Evening

Get on a high and head to the capital’s iconic Petronas Twin Towers. The twin skyscrapers stood as the world’s tallest buildings between 1998 and 2004, teetering 452 metres. Snap a selfie with the towers looming in the background, or purchase a ticket and climb to the viewing deck for vistas of the capital sprawling below.

Start the second day tucking into a tasty dish of nasi lemak
Start the second day tucking into a tasty dish of nasi lemak

Day 2: Morning

Start the second day tucking into a tasty dish of nasi lemak, a fragrant dish infused with coconut milk, served with fried anchovies, a boiled or fried egg, cucumber, sambal (spicy shrimp paste) and peanuts. Next, we recommend heading to vast Lake Gardens for some respite from the capital’s chaos. The gardens are home to Perdana Botanical Garden, which boasts an expansive park, tree-lined trails, orchid and hibiscus displays, and a planetarium.

Day 2: Afternoon

After re-fuelling at one of the many eateries that dot the area, head to nearby . Standing proud as Southeast Asia’s largest museum of Islamic art it houses an extensive collection of Islamic arts from across the globe. After browsing the museum, head over to Masjid Negara, Malaysia’s national mosque with a capacity of up to 15,000 people.

Admiring Kuala Lumpur from above
Admiring Kuala Lumpur from above

Day 2: Evening

What better way to round out 48 hours in Malaysia’s vibrant capital than admiring the city from above? Ahead of dusk, jump aboard the helicopter and hover in the skies above the city as the sun sinks into the horizon. There are plenty of options to choose from, including aerial views of downtown’s collection of skyscrapers, majestic KL Tower, historic Merdeka Square and the treasured Batu Caves.


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